Epic Events In 2019

2019 is starting off to be a busy year for FUSE. 
We want to welcome Brendan Hughes to the band. Brendan takes over the job behind the drums.  

We have at least 6 performance events in the next few months. Watch our website and Facebook page for more details.

As always, thanks for you support!

4 Trophies at the Century Battle of the Bands!

On Sunday, FUSE headed north almost near Baltimore Maryland to compete in the Century Battle Of The Bands and to help support a worthwhile music charity.  FUSE took home 4 trophies including 1st Place, Best Guitarist – Devin Streight, Best Bassist – Jacob Gemma, and Best Vocalist – Drew Reuschlein.  We are happy we had a chance to play along side such a great group of bands. We are looking forward to next year!

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